International Commission of Military History
Commission Internationale d’Histoire militaire

The President
Le Président

3rd April 2020

Dear Members of the ICMH community and fellow military historians,
I wish to inform you that, owing to the sanitary emergency, the Congress of the
International Committee of Historical Sciences which had to take place in Poznań next August has been cancelled and postponed to August 2021. As a direct consequence, also the Polish Commission of Military History has decided to cancel this year’s ICMH Congress.These decisions which are beyond our control, while we perfectly understand their rationale, imply a number of consequences for ICMH.

The Full Board has already allotted the 2021 Congress to Athens, the 2022 Congress to Seoul, and the 2023 Congress to Istanbul. Very regrettably our approved calendar means that we cannot have an ICMH Congress in Poland next year. I hope that the Polish Commission would consider organizing a Congress in 2024. However, ICMH will be able to participate to the ICHS Congress in 2021 since our session was already approved.

We need to assure the continuity of ICMH’s governance, since this year are
scheduled elections for the various offices. A discussion and a telematics vote will take place within the ExBoard and the Full Board on the various possible solutions. Pending a Full Board’s decision, electoral procedures continue regularly, which means that candidatures must be presented by 30th April as requested by our Statutes and indicated in the Secretary General’s letter of 25th March.

I welcome any suggestion or comment and I remain,

Sincerely yours
Prof. Massimo de Leonardis

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